After finally making the decision to get a circumcision, I had decided to do a lot of research before committing to someone to perform the surgery. After coming across Dr. Pugach’s website and reading his bio and other patient comments in depth on several different procedures, I was very impressed. What had drawn me to him was his passion to consistently obtain the most up to date knowledge and technology for everything regarding urology.I also liked how he takes great pride in conducting minimally invasive techniques. 

Now onto what you want to know and putting the cards on the table about the procedure. After setting up my appointments and paying in full the price for the surgery, I was completely comfortable and was not nervous at all about the surgery mainly because I trusted him after talking to him previously about my procedure in my consultation. The staff at the surgery center was really friendly and make me feel comfortable. I was put under general anesthesia, which is the only way to go and later found myself waking up and getting discharged and heading home on the road to recovery.  That very same day I was able to walk comfortably with the bandage on for two days with no pain. On the second day, I removed the bandages in the bath, had cleaned it and had re-dressed it and was ready to take on my weekend plans. Yes, it was a little odd with the sensitivity but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t tolerate. Rather or not I was in pain, I took the meds he had prescribed to me. That was probably a key factor in me continuing not to receive any mild pain. Urinating was a little tough but as long as I sat down, took my time and urinated, it was fine.  I expected that to happen considering the surgery. 

Finally after removing the dressing and allowing my penis to be free, to be free, the only mild pain I had felt was the stitches rubbing against my underwear, to which if that was the only problem I had with this whole procedure, that that’s nothing! Trust me! After the stitches had fallen out, the swollenness had gone done and had I had gone back for the post OP appointment, I couldn’t have been more satisfied! In conclusion, if the price is of concern, don’t let it be! You get what you pay for and you want to treat yourself into letting a real professional take care of you. Also, remember time and you will not be in bandages or stitches forever! I hope by writing this, this will help you make the decision to get the procedure done with Dr. Pugach.  Since Dr. Pugach did an incredible job with me, owe it to him to write this personal letter of commendation, he deserved it. 

D.L. October 30, 2015

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