Written Comments

Written Comments

Dr. Pugach, Evans, Marcela,

I want to thank everyone on your staff for all you have done for me. Starting two days after the Superbowl this nightmare has constantly been on my mind. One of the most fear instilling words is “cancer”, we all know friends or family who have battled the disease. When Evans told me I had cancer, that was the last thing I wanted to hear but I accepted it and listened to your treatment plan. When Evans first described the HIFU procedure it seemed impossible, how could my tumors be destroyed with ultrasound, it appeared too simple and easy. I am ecstatic the procedure and recovery went so well. By no means was this an easy ordeal but it was manageable and now I am optimistic about the future.
Four hours after my surgery I went walking outside and enjoyed a wonderful meal at home. The following day I walked a mile and since have gone further each day. My recovery has been so much better than I could have hoped for.
I was concerned about the catheter, when the nurse explained how it worked, I felt I couldn’t deal with it and thought about calling off the surgery. How could I live for two weeks with a tube in my stomach? Wearing a catheter was mentally straining and I was concerned something was going to go wrong. These fears were unfounded, nothing went wrong, the catheter was fairly simple to deal with and my healing went faster than expected. Friday, only 11 days after my HIFU procedure, I felt so elated when the catheter was removed. Leaving your office, I was on top of the world, Saturday I mowed the lawn and yesterday I replaced the broken garbage disposal. There was no way I could crawl under the sink with a catheter on and the job needed to be done. It is nice to get back my normal life so quickly and it feels fantastic.

Again, thank you all, dealing with cancer was truly an emotional nightmare but your team got me through every step of the way and for that I am grateful.

-Ken K (April 2020)

May 1, 2020

Dear Evans, Dr. Pugach and Office Staff,

I just felt lead to jot of a little note of appreciation for all of you – especially now during these uncertain and unsettling days.  I wasn’t sure if your office is closed or partially staffed (like so many), but whatever the case, please accept my thanks for taking such good care of me, all these months!  It’s been almost 4 weeks since my last visit (!) and I’m feeling/doing GREAT, with no reoccurrence of infection!!  This has not been the norm all these months.  As you know, I’d either take 7 to 10 days-worth of meds, then within 4 days (!), my symptoms would return and I’d be back in the office, with my little plastic cup (!), ready for a new Rx!!
I never knew when I was originally referred to you (and your staff), what a loving and caring environment I would become part of – yet the unselfish and committed care/assistance I have received from each of you has truly touch my life.  And not to sound corny, but I truly feel God has blessed me, and all your patients because of this sincere and dedicated concern that is reflected in ample measure in each of your lives.

Thank you ever so much,

-Linda N.

April 2, 2020

It is very rare these days in the medical field to find a Doctor that has been able to organize his office and practice to the extent that amazing, kind and attentive medical service is provided to each and every patient.  I can speak first-hand with great pride about the wonderful work that is done in your Pacific Coast Urology office.  From the moment you check in with the highly competent and friendly front desk personnel to the time spent with Dr. Robert Pugach there is an extraordinary effort put forth by EVERYONE  to make sure all details administratively and medical are taken care of.  The amazing feature that you offer patients to be able to e-mail Dr. Pugach and within in hours to receive a response is totally unheard of these days.
Keep up the great work and please pass along to everyone working in your office how much I appreciate their attentive service and compassion.
Take care,

Steve L March 14, 2016

Thanks PCUMC. My vasectomy was actually a wonderful experience. It was good and calming talking or chewing the fat with Dr. Pugach during my procedure. I have recommended him to friends. Thanks for making an uncomfortable situation a pleasant experience.

Maurice H October 29, 2015

I met Dr. Pugach while I was hospitalized at Los Alamitos Medical Center more than three years ago. I have seen him several times since then. Of all the physicians I have ever had, I find him to be the most competent, friendly and caring. He always has given me plenty of time to ask my questions and address any concerns that I might have. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is in need of treatment for urologic conditions.  

Cheryl M. October 29, 2015

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Pugach and the team at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center.  They were the most professional, caring, and informative during what can be a very stressful time.  My care was always their utmost priority, even today, years after having my procedure.  Dr. Pugach is at the forefront of technology and care options for his patients and offers nothing but the best care available.  I enjoy seeing them for my annual checkups and would highly recommend Dr. Pugach and the team over at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center to anyone and everyone.  I am extremely lucky to have been cared for by Dr. Pugach and his team and my family and I can’t thank him enough!  I only wished that more people were aware of Dr. Pugach, his team, and the various treatment options that they offer.  

David H. October 29, 2015

Everyone in this office, including Dr. Pugach, does a great job in a professional way.  One example: when I came in to get a biopsy result, after talking to the doctor, I went out to schedule a follow up a year later. The young lady just smiled and said “yes,” which means she knew I had just gotten good news.  I thought that was very nice of her.  

Larry W October 29, 2015

All the staff and doctor are very friendly, helpful and informative.  Dr. Pugach is also able to complete tests right in his office that other urologists had to use outsourcing for.  Very satisfied. 

Thomas R. October 29, 2015

I am very satisfied with treatments by PCUMC – couldn’t’ be happier!   

John R October 29, 2015

I am very well pleased with all of my dealings with Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center.  They did all they could do for me.  I would recommend them to any of my friends. 

Alberta October 29, 2015

Service is great! 

Doug S October 29, 2015

From the front office staff to the staff that directly assists Dr. Pugach, the care, concern and patient attention could not be better. Everyone seems to take a personal interest and that surely comes from Dr. Pugach, who exemplifies all of those qualities. 

Howard G October 29, 2015

Dear Dr. Pugach;
Just wanted to express our appreciation for your care and prompt response to our needs. We feel truly blessed that YOU are our doctor (and somehow), find time to "squeeze" us into your demanding schedule. Thank you and warm regards,

Millard and Nancy October 29, 2015

Even before my surgery - every office visit I had was very friendly, professional and everyone tried to make each visit as pleasant as possible for me. With this type of office visit/surgery you as a patient are a little nervous and embarrassed and with the pleasant professional environment I was made to feel comfortable and well taken care of! My surgery and my follow up appts were also very professional. I was never in any pain - very surprising to me! I would recommend Dr. Pugach to anyone - male or female! Thank you so very much! 

Jeanette D. October 29, 2015

Dr. Pugach is one fine physician and cares deeply for his patients. He spends time with his patients and explains clearly what the alternatives are and how the best way to cure the problem is. The front office team always has a smile and is extremely efficient. In fact, today I was able to see Dr. Pugach even though my appointment was for tomorrow because I had concerns about my bladder and prostate. Earlier this year I was in Europe and contacted a bladder infection and I was able to communicate with Kim Pugach who gave me support and the approach as to how to deal with this problem in a foreign country.  

Steve L. October 29, 2015

"I suffered a chronic problem that affected my ability to work out rigorously.  I saw several urologists who minimized it and weren’t interested in seeking a solution.  Dr. Robert Pugach listened to what I had to say and proceeded with diagnostic analysis.  In the end he identified the root problem and corrected it with minor surgery.  He gave me back the ability to keep myself fit and feeling great.  His willingness to listen to his patients sets him apart." 

Rick H. October 29, 2015

I could not be happier with all the Great Service and Medical Knowledge that made me well, Thanks Again.

Bill October 29, 2015

I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Pugach and the team at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center. They were the most professional, caring and informative during what can be a very stressful time. My care was always their utmost priority, even today, years after having my procedure. Dr. P is at the forefront of technology and care options for his patients and offers nothing but the best care available. I enjoy seeing them for my annual checkups and would highly recommend Dr. Pugach and the team over at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center to anyone and everyone. I am extremely lucky to have been cared for by Dr. P and his team and my family and I can't thank them enough! I only wished that more people were aware of Dr. Pugach, his team and the various treatment options that they offer.

Sonny H. October 29, 2015

After doing a considerable amount of research on methodologies, and practitioners in my area I made a consultation appointment with Dr. Pugach. I was very impressed with his staff's professionalism, and also with the office and its facilities. After speaking with Dr. Pugach I knew that this was where I wanted to have my procedure performed. Dr. Pugach was professional, knowledgeable and able to communicate his insights very well. I left knowing exactly what to expect the day of the procedure. The procedure itself was just a promised, quick and painless. It has now been almost two weeks and my recovery, what little there was, has been problem and issues free. If you've decided it’s time to take this step in life I can't recommend Dr. Pugach any higher.

Vernon October 29, 2015

Dr. Pugach is in the true meaning of the word a physician. I have been his patient for several years and could not think of anyone else who would have treated me as effectively and well. His practice staff is exceptional and efficient. Dr. Pugach and his practice are AAAA+.

John October 29, 2015

Dr. Pugach is an excellent physician. He provided optimal care in a professional manner. He was also available anytime for my follow-up appointments and was very flexible. Dr. Pugach and his staff were amazing and made me feel comfortable enough to trust them. I truly recommend them and I will definitely return if I ever need to in the future. 

Benjamin October 29, 2015

Thank you for the great news and the information. No apologies needed. It looks like the information breakdown was with the insurance company. I greatly appreciate you resolving this matter so quickly and so professionally. I truly wish that every business had a billing department as professional as yours.  You guys (and ladies) have been awesome since day 1, and I greatly appreciate all that you have done for me. 

Euclid October 29, 2015