Dr. Robert Pugach shares his personal story about his prostate cancer diagnosis and HIFU treatment.  Read his blogs, Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Prostate Cancer Treatments

Why is it that African-American men are more likely to develop and die from prostate cancer than other ethnic groups? Is more aggressive and earlier screening needed?  Learn more about African American men’s risk of developing prostate cancer by reading Dr. Pugach’s blog.

Dr. Robert Pugach was featured in a recent article entitled, “HIFU Delivers Breakthrough Treatment for Prostate Cancer,” Newsmax Health, October 26, 2017
It is a new day for those with prostate cancer. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) has emerged among the country’s fastest-growing new outpatient treatment options for prostate cancer. There may be no greater an endorsement for a medical procedure other than a physician saying he would have it performed for himself. That was the case for Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Robert Pugach who was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Read article
The Prostate Cancer Treatment Even Doctors Choose for Themselves
USA Today Article, March 2017

There may be no larger endorsement for a cancer treatment than a doctor saying that is the treatment he would chose. “Every man is at risk for prostate cancer, even your urologist,” says Dr. Pugach. Read his story in USA Today. Read Full Article

Robert Pugach, MD, Certified by the Vasectomy Quality Council
Yvette M. Manard, MPH
Dr. Robert Pugach is certified by the Vasectomy Quality Council with a 5 star rating.

“I’m proud to be certified by the VQC. Their mission is to set vasectomy quality care standards and provide patient satisfaction data to men who are considering a vasectomy procedure,” says Dr. Pugach. Read Full Article


Meet Dr. Robert Pugach
One of the Nation’s Most Respected Urologists
Given the choice, what patient wouldn’t prefer to seek the services of a physician who has been consistently at the forefront of new and innovative treatments within his field of expertise for almost three decades. Read Full Article

Minimally Invasive Urology…The Gold Standard
At Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, minimally invasive procedures are at the heart of our practice. Since 1998, Dr. Pugach has dedicated his practice to utilizing advanced “minimally invasive” techniques to treat a wide range of urological conditions such as prostate cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), bladder control disorders, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, to name just a few. Read Full Article

Finding Your Life’s Work…Meet Evans Tran, PA
It’s not every day that you meet a young woman as remarkable as Evans Tran. Evans is a Physician Assistant working in a busy urology practice. This article is not just about her skill and the caring and compassionate manner with which she treats patients, but a story of her incredible determination to rise above adversity and fulfill her dreams. Read Full Article

Beware of Online Pharmacies
I’m often asked by my patients if they can purchase their medications from online pharmacies. I always respond with a resounding NO! My advice is supported by a recent FDA report warning consumers about the dangers of buying medications from the more than 40,000 online pharmacies. The report estimates 70% of online pharmacies may be illegal and sell drugs of questionable quality and purity. Read Full Article

The doctor will see you now…virtually! By Yvette M. Manard, MPH
Dr. Robert Pugach now offers online consultations
Dr. Robert Pugach, MD, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, and co-founder of, continues to be on the forefront of advances in medical care and he is now offering virtual consults for vasectomy and vasectomy reversal patients. Patients can have a one-on-one online interaction without the need to take significant time away from their daily routine. Read Full Article


What is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)?
BPH is not prostate cancer, and having BPH doesn’t mean a man is more or less likely to get prostate cancer. BPH is treatable! Read Full Article


Incontinence Under-reported in Younger Women
Many people don’t know that bladder control problems are one of the most common health problems that women face every day. A mistaken belief is that urinary incontinence is more prevalent in middle-aged to older women, especially those who’ve had a baby. Many believe the bladder problems are a part of getting older. Read Full Article

What You Need to Know About Women’s Bladder Control
Learn about the four main categories of bladder control problems and advanced treatment options. Read Full Article

Stopping That Urge To Go!
Bladder control problems affect 50 million Americans and are one of the most common health problems that women face. While many think that the condition only affects older women, the truth is that women of all ages may have urine leakage (incontinence) or other bladder control issues. Read Full Article

New Hope for Patients Suffering from Bladder Control Problems
Bladder control problems affect more than 34 million Americans. Women are twice as likely as men to have bladder control problems, yet most are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about this common problem. There are solutions! Read Full Article

Beating Your Bladder Control Problem Without Medication
Many men and women of all ages suffer in silence with bladder control problems. There are many new procedures and treatments available to correct bladder control issues. Read Full Article


Testosterone Therapy: The Key to Male Health and Vitality
Many of my patients are surprised to learn that testosterone is needed for much more than sexual vitality. Many men with low testosterone (Low T) complain of decreased libido, sleep disturbances, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, memory problems, and overall lethargy. Read Full Article

How Do You Know if You Really Have Low T?
Low T or andropause, is increasingly recognized as a significant health issue for men. By age 40, 15% of men are deficient in testosterone. Learn about the symptoms and treatments. Read Full Article

Male Menopause…Truth or Myth?
Do you think low hormone levels are just a “female” phase in life? Not true! Specifically testosterone – it can have a significant effect on a man’s life. The term for a man’s declining hormones is andropause. Read Full Article

Did You Miss Your Libido in 2012? …….Why Not Get it Back THIS Year!
If you are feeling lethargic, depressed, agitated, or have noticed a decrease in your sex drive, it may not be the events in the news, stress or even your age that is responsible. It may be a male hormonal problem called “Low T,” or low testosterone. Read Full Article


High Fat Diet and Prostate Cancer… New research released!
Robert Pugach, MD 
A recently released article on a study suggesting that a high-fat diet may fuel spread of prostate cancer is another important clinical step in our understanding the causes of prostate cancer.  The study published in Nature Genetic,  An aberrant SREBP-dependent lipogenic program promotes metastatic prostate cancer,” published online on January 15, 2018, suggests that dietary fat may feed prostate tumors and help them spread.   Read more

The Case Against Active Surveillance
By Robert Pugach, MD
I am a prostate cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with cancer late last year. In May of this year I underwent a urethral sparing HIFU procedure and I am now cancer free.  Read More.

Precision Focused Biopsies – A New Way to See If You Have Prostate Cancer
Traditional biopsies are done with ultrasound guidance in the office. Now, there is a dramatic improvement in biopsy procedures. For the first time, urologists have the remarkable imaging advances that most other areas of medicine use in biopsies of other areas of our bodies, including breasts, kidneys, bones, abdominal masses, etc. Until now, doing a prostate biopsy did not benefit from the precision of real time imaging to direct a biopsy needle into an abnormal area. Read More

Prostate Cancer Screening Controversy?
Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, gives his opinion of the USPSTF’s finding and what he advises men to do.

Six years ago, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) ignited controversy in the medical community when they advised against most routine screening for prostate cancer with a PSA blood test. Specifically, the recommendation set off a firestorm of debate in the urological community because most urologists are strong advocates of annual prostate testing with a PSA and a rectal examination. Read article 

HIFU for Prostate Cancer?
Learn why men are selecting this new treatment

In October, 2015 the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. For many men diagnosed with prostate cancer, HIFU is a new treatment that they haven’t heard about nor are they aware of its benefits, including avoiding permanent urine leakage and erectile dysfunction (ED) that surgery or radiation can cause. “Being able to offer my patients a treatment to cure their prostate cancer and maintain their quality of life was very important to me,” says Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Western States HIFU and Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center. Read article

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment Approved for Use in United States
Dr. Robert Pugach, the 4th most experience urologist in HIFU. Learn More

HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment
According to the American Cancer Society, almost 250,000 prostate cancer cases will be diagnosed annually in the United States and will result in 29,000 deaths every year. In this article, Dr. Robert Pugach answers questions about concerns regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and how HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is advancing treatment and improving outcomes. Read Full Article

Prostate Cancer… Common, Curable Disease
Hardly a week goes by without reading or hearing about someone you know, or some celebrity, learning that he has prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer among US men. Read Full Article

Emerging Technologies and Therapies to Treat Prostate Cancer
Focusing on his commitment to continuing education in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, Dr. Robert Pugach attended the annual Minimally Invasive Ablative Therapy course at New York University (NYU). This prestigious conference, held on June 23-24, 2012, is now in its third year with a unique focus on bringing the latest research and techniques to aid urologists and radiologists in the diagnostic and treatment of their prostate cancer patients. Read Full Article

New Genetic Test for Prostate Cancer…Hope or Hype?
by Robert Pugach, MD
It seems as if not a month goes by where we read headlines proclaiming new medical breakthroughs. In the article, Brave New Worlds in Diagnosing Diseases, several new promising diagnostic tests, including one about a new prostate cancer assay, were outlined. The test they discussed was captioned as a “less-guess” prostate test, the Oncotype Dx Prostate Cancer Assay test. Read Full Article


What does March Madness have to do vasectomies?
by Robert Pugach
The answer might surprise you! ! According to consumer research, every year during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, not only is there an increase in college applications and purchases of high definition televisions, but more vasectomies are done! Throughout the U.S., urologists are promoting “March Madness Vasectomies.”
Read Full Article

What’s Keeping You From Getting a Vasectomy?
Every year, more than 500,000 men have vasectomies in the U.S. For men, it’s reassuring to know that there is no chance of an unwanted pregnancy. For couples, it’s comforting to realize that a vasectomy is far safer, less painful and less expensive than a tubal ligation. So, why do some men resist getting a vasectomy? Read Full Article

Is Your Family Complete? His and Her Options!
It’s a new year and many couples may be considering their options for a permanent form of birth control. For many, the discussions revolve who will get “fixed.” Read Full Article

2nd Annual World Vasectomy Day Celebrated on November 7th
While many people know of important health awareness months, such as Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer, most have probably never heard of World Vasectomy Day. It is the largest male-focused family planning event in the world. Read Full Article


Urinary Tract Infections and Absorbent Pads… Is There a Link?
As a urologist, I treat many patients suffering from recurrent UTI’s, (those who experience three or more UTI’s within a year). These women often wonder why they are getting frequent UTI’s despite antibiotic treatment and practicing good hygiene. Many of the women treated at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center’s Women’s Bladder Control Center of Excellence are surprised to learn about the correlation of frequent UTI’s and incontinence. Read full article.

Chronic Cystitis – The Urinary Tract Infection Impersonator in Women
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are among one of the most common health problems in women. Approximately 40 percent of women and 12 percent of men will experience at least one symptomatic urinary tract infection during their lifetime. UTIs, if not properly treated, will recur. Read Full Article


Restoring Fertility: Male Reproductive Microsurgery
The desire to have a child is one of life’s most important decisions for couples. Yet there tends to be more focus on women who are having difficulty conceiving. There is a wealth of information on advanced assisted reproductive technologies (ART) for women but far less attention given to male infertility causes and treatments. Read Full Article