Press Releases

Press Releases

Designation Recognizes Dr. Pugach’s Commitment to Exemplary Care, Extensive UroLift® System Experience

FEBRUARY 28, 2020
UROLIFT® Center of ExcellenceNeoTract, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) focused on addressing unmet needs in the field of urology, today announced that Robert Pugach, MD, Pacific Coast Urology in Los Alamitos CA, has been designated as a UroLift® Center of Excellence. The designation recognizes that Dr. Pugach has achieved a high level of training and experience with the UroLift® System and demonstrated a commitment to exemplary care for men suffering from symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate. Read Release

Los Alamitos Medical Center to offer cutting-edge HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer in Southern California

Non-Invasive, radiation-free, outpatient procedure that uses ultrasound to heat and destroy prostate cancer is an important addition to the hospital’s comprehensive cancer program

Robert Pugach, M.D. treated the first HIFU patient on October 14 at Los Alamitos Medical Center. “The announcement by CMS that Medicare patients will have their facility fees covered is an important milestone,” said Pugach. “Medicare patients will now have a minimally-invasive HIFU procedure as an option for treatment.” Read Release


Dr Emberton pugach

One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Every year, 230,000 men are diagnosed with this cancer.  For many, recommended treatment options leave men and their partners confused and anxious.   For many men the recommended treatment options leave men and their partners confused and anxious.  Late last year, Dr. Robert Pugach, Los Alamitos urologist, found himself faced with the same question …what to do next? Read Press Release


Robert Pugach, MD Observes Focal HIFU Treatments for Prostate Cancer with Mark Emberton, MD in London

Dr. Pugach has Performed the Most HIFU Treatments in the Western United States Since FDA Clearance in October 2015 Dr Emberton pugach

LOS ANGELES, C.A. August 10, 2016. Robert Pugach, MD of Western States HIFU and physician partner of HIFU Prostate Services, LLC traveled to London to observe five focal HIFU prostate treatments with Mark Emberton, MD who is widely considered the global expert in focal HIFU ablations for prostate cancer.  Dr. Pugach is the most experienced HIFU physician in the western United States and has treated over 400 patients with HIFU since 2006.  Read press release

Robert Pugach, MD Leads Way in Offering Men Minimally Invasive HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Los Alamitos HIFU Center of Excellence Treats Most HIFU Patients in Western United States. Read press release

HIFU Prostate Services Partners with Pacific Coast Urology to make HIFU for Prostate Cancer Available in Greater Los Angeles Area

Dr. Pugach has one of the largest prostate cancer practices in the United States and routinely treats patients from all areas of the country. He also has a large international patient base, treating patients from many countries including France, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and Africa.

This month, Dr. Pugach will treat five prostate cancer patients with Sonablate HIFU. George, a 67-year-old Bellflower resident, will be one of the first patients treated with HIFU at the Los Alamitos Surgical Center. “I decided to have HIFU because I understand it’s the best procedure and Dr. Pugach already ‘fixed’ my friend, John, a few months ago,” said George. “He’s doing great and I look forward to the same experience.” Read press release

What you should know about prostate cancer, treatment options 
and your quality of life – Meet R & B Singer Donald Tavie

Deciding what kind of prostate cancer treatment to get is a critical decision.  “Every man is different. But do your research and get all the facts,” says Donald Tavie, a lead singer with Lakeside. “I’m happy that I explored all options before deciding on a new procedure.”

Donald Tavie, 53, a Los Angeles resident, is known for his high-energy performances with the long-running R&B funk group Lakeside.  What this keyboard and lead singer and father of six isn’t known for is his prostate cancer treatment and his passion for getting the word out on ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’ or HIFU, a minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer that isn’t yet available in the United States.  Read press release

Training Physicians on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

In April 2011, Dr. Robert Pugach and 15 other urologists from around the world left their practices and convened in Charlotte, North Carolina to teach each other about the most effective techniques for training other physicians to perform High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer. HIFU is the non-invasive technique to treat prostate cancer that can eliminate the serious side effects of surgery and radiation such as permanent urine leakage and erectile dysfunction (ED). This meeting was an important forum for the world’s leading experts to exchange ideas as Dr. Pugach and other physicians certified to teach HIFU to other doctors get ready for US approval of this remarkable technology.


New Hope for Patients Suffering From Bladder Control Problems
Robert Pugach, MD Offers Effective New Therapy

Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center recently traveled to Minneapolis to meet with Medtronic engineers to discuss ideas for advances in InterStim© Therapy, a 30-minute procedure that can end bladder control problems like frequent, urgent or nighttime urination.  Read press release

Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center Hosted Two  “Girls’ Time Out” Events for Bladder Health

Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center (PCUMC), was proud to host two “Girls’ Time Out” events on November 11, 2010, in Orange County, CA. These educational events were held as part of a national women’s health campaign called Facing Our Moments Together.  PCUMC was one of 20 urological practices in the United States selected to participate in these special community events. The events were designed to encourage women who are suffering with bladder control issues to reclaim control of their health and their quality of life. Read press release


Robert Pugach, MD Trains Physicians, Physician Assistants, Allied Health Professions and Speaks to Local High School Students

For 24 years Dr. Pugach has donated his time training and mentoring a wide variety of health care personnel, including nurses, physician assistants and other physicians wanting specialized training. “As healthcare continues to evolve and needs more extended care professionals such as Physician Assistants, I am happy to work with students to advance their knowledge of minimally invasive urological treatments,” says Dr. Pugach. Read press release

Army Reservist Find’s Life Work While Serving in Afghanistan – Meet Travis, Physician Assistant

Travis met Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, and was interested in learning more about urological problems and advanced treatments. “Dr. Pugach is a great teacher. Every time I had questions regarding his surgeries or any kind of physiological questions, he answered thoroughly and in detail. When interesting cases came up, he always called me to observe, carefully explaining the nature of the case and his treatment techniques,” says Travis.  Read press release