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Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic problems. Our Centers of Excellence provide services that are on the forefront of new, innovative treatments for male and female urologic health concerns.

Minimally invasive procedures are at the heart of the treatments Pacific Coast Urology Medical Centers of Excellence offer. These procedures are beneficial to patients as:

  • Many of the treatments can be done in-office versus requiring inpatient or outpatient surgery.
  • They require smaller (or no) incisions
  • Patients experience less pain and discomfort
  • Patients have reduced blood loss and have fewer complications
  • They involve less risk than older surgical procedures

Most importantly patients experience successful outcomes. Minimally invasive urological procedures are equal if not better than for those who undergo traditional surgery!

Since 1998, Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, has dedicated his practice to utilizing advanced minimally invasive techniques to treat a wide range of conditions; such as, prostate cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), women’s and men’s bladder control disorders, vasectomy, kidney stones, and urological cancers.  View what our patients have to say!

If you are looking for advanced treatments for your urologic conditions, we invite you to learn more about Pacific Coast Urology Medical Centers of Excellence by clicking on the links below.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center. Schedule your personalized consultation today at our Los Alamitos, CA location.
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