Cooled Microwave Therapy

Cooled Microwave Thermotherapy™

Minimally Invasive Treatment for BPH (An Enlarged Prostate)

Prior to the early 1980s, the only therapeutic solutions available for men with BPH, or an enlarged prostate, were medications or surgery.

Medications are initially effective in only 50% of men. Within 18 months, only half continue to experience benefits because of continued prostate growth. So, overall, 25% of men experience long term benefits. However, there can be numerous side effects including dizziness, weakness, a stuffy nose (rhinitis) and retrograde ejaculation. In addition, some medications may cause aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

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“My father had a problem for three years. I took him to another doctor and they didn’t do anything for him except to say just continue medicine or send him to the ER so he could urinate.  A friend recommended Dr. Pugach, so we made our appointment right away. Dr. Pugach said my father’s medicine wouldn’t work as his prostate was too big and he recommended Coolwave Therapy which he did on my Dad. Dad can urinate now and he is comfortable and happy.  No more catheter!”
– Joe, Anaheim

Surgical procedures include open surgery and transurethral procedures (TURP or TUVP) that use either electrosurgical instruments or lasers. They remove the inner portion of the prostate. Surgery can result in improved urination but at a cost. Complications include urinary incontinence (urine leakage), erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculation problems and scar tissue formation requiring additional surgery. In addition, surgery must be performed in a hospital or surgery center with the potential of infections, bleeding and anesthetic complications.

Because of limited long term efficacy of medications, and the side effects and complications of surgery, at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center’s BPH Center of Excellence, Dr. Robert Pugach focuses on minimally invasive office procedures that are two to three times as effective as medications and avoid the side effects of surgery.

What is Cooled ThermoTherapy™?

Cooled ThermoTherapy™ (CTT) is one of the leading minimally invasive procedures for BPH, and Dr. Robert Pugach is the most experienced urologist in the western United States in thermotherapy procedures. He brought the technology to southern California in 1998. In 2015, he completed his 1000th procedure.

CTT treats BPH by delivering precisely targeted microwave energy to the prostate. The word “Cooled” means that a cooling mechanism protects the healthy surrounding urethral tissue as the concentrated energy destroys the enlarged prostate tissue.  The circulating cooling fluid through the microwave catheter minimizes patient discomfort.

The concentrated energy is effective in destroying enlarged prostate tissue and provides long-lasting reduction in BPH symptoms.

Who is a Candidate for Cooled ThermoTherapy™

Cooled ThermoTherapy™ is an in-office treatment that is effective and safe. It provides long-term relief from BPH symptoms and urinary obstruction. Men who are experiencing moderate to severe BPH symptoms are potential candidates for Cooled ThermoTherapy™.. Dr. Robert Pugach will conduct a medical examination and evaluate your BPH symptoms to determine if CTT is appropriate for you.

What are the Benefits of Cooled ThermoTherapy™?

“CoolWave Microwave ThermoTherapy can eliminate the need for surgery, produce long lasting results and enhance patient comfort. These treatments deliver better results than daily, expensive medications without their side effects. They also avoid the potential complications of surgical procedures.” – Robert Pugach, MD

  • Minimally invasive treatments require NO general anesthesia
  • Advanced cooling design provides enhanced patient comfort
  • Effective results – clinically significant symptom score and flow rate improvements that far exceed those achieved with medication
  • Durable results – typically lasting 5 to 10 years or longer
  • Low incidence of side effects
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Where is Cooled ThermoTherapy™ performed?

CTT is performed at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center in one of our large procedure rooms without the need for general anesthesia. The main room in the Los Alamitos, CA office is equipped with a large flat screen television mounted on the ceiling so men can watch television during their procedure. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes!

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