BPH Treatment Testimonials

BPH Treatment Testimonials

I was recently referred to Dr. Robert Pugach, Urologist, by my primary physician due to a swollen prostate. How lucky was I! Dr. Pugach is a personable, authentic, precise, and thorough specialist. His attention to detail was meticulous and by the time I left his office, I truly had a thorough understanding of my ailment and what it would take to make me well. It was determined I needed a Urolift, a somewhat new procedure. Beginning with the preparation through the procedure and recuperation period, Dr Pugach and his staff went above and beyond, in the most kind, empathetic manner that truly made a very unpleasant experience manageable. For those needing to decide between medication or a procedure for a swollen prostate, I cannot recommend more highly Dr. Robert Pugach for he is simply ‘the best of the best’.


Guys, if you are considering alternate prostate procedure solutions to deal with prostate issues, then let this 80 year ‘old’ man give you some advice.

Over the last 20 years, I have had to deal with prostate matters 3 separate times (nothing lasts). The least stressful procedure that I have undergone is the “UroLift” procedure performed by Dr. Robert Pugach, at the Pacific Coast Urology Center in Los Alamitos. Compared to the other two procedures with which I have experience, the UroLift” procedure was the least invasive, easiest to recover from and has definitely helped with my prostate issues.

Before deciding, do yourself a favor and be sure to get informed by Dr. Robert Pugach about the advantages of UroLift”.


I had the cooled thermal therapy procedure done on April 5, 2017. I was set free from my catheter on the 19th. I was on the catheter for 6 weeks. Well this week I have been able to urinate better than I have been able to for years (maybe 20 years!). I know that my prostate hasn’t fully healed yet. However, I am a new man! Thank you!


I needed to take a few minutes to personally thank the entire staff at Pacific Coast. The work that Dr. Pugach is engaged in has essentially given me back some freedoms that frankly disappeared over a long period of time. The TUNA procedure provided relief from my urinary discomfort within a week and a half of the actual visit to your office. The short amount of time spent in your procedure room frankly shocked me. I expected a more aggressive procedure that would have provided far more discomfort to have received the type of results I currently enjoy. I am now able to travel from Long Beach to Santa Monica for business meetings without planned visits to Starbucks’ never locked restrooms. It was not the coffee that brought me there although 
I am now able to enjoy the facility for exactly what it was designed for due to your medical assistance. The ability to go in and out of multiple conference calls, dictation of emails, review of contract details and enjoying many cups of coffee that I require through the course of a morning, has been an absolute pleasure. The normal course would be for me to make certain breaks between each phone call, conference call, contract review, etc., for visits to our restroom here in our business office. My fiancée is quite pleased as I am also able to spend more time freely with her and not require our travel or social visits to be altered based upon my frequent need to previously obtain access to various restrooms regardless of where or what we were doing. 

Unfortunately sometimes outdoor techniques were required in order to make certain that there were no accidents. Please know that the above mentioned trips are not being exaggerated. Here it has been approximately 3 months and the gratitude I feel for this new found freedom is extremely valuable to me personally. Please be advised, Dr. Pugach, that there have also been improvements in my sexual activities which I had not expected. It was simply the ability to relieve myself without the frequency and discomfort that each trip to the restroom required. It is important that you all know that this is greatly appreciated and I wish I would have discovered this miracle procedure 6 or 7 years back. Again, thank you all,

Ed (TUNA Patient)

I cannot believe all the positive differences in my life since receiving treatment for my BPH issues from Dr. Pugach. Dr. Pugach and his staff always treated me with such dignity and respect no matter how embarrassing or how stupid my questions were or what position I was in. I am still surprised at what a full stream is. Plus being able to sleep through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom is truly a blessing and this is coming from a person that used to get up at least three times per night. Before Dr. Pugach, a full night’s sleep, for me, was a mythological concept. Not anymore. Even better than that, since being treated by Dr. Pugach, I can even write my name in the snow. From my personal experience, I can only say Dr. Pugach and his staff are the very best and I highly recommend them.

TherpoTherapy Patient