It’s Time to Schedule Your Vasectomy!
April 2020
My offices have been strangely quiet these past few weeks as we’ve all honored California’s “Shelter in Place” order. As the largest provider of No Needle/No Scalpel Vasectomy services in the western United States, our usual full vasectomy schedule has taken second place to the need for social distancing. That is starting to change. As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to wind down, we are seeing a dramatic increase in scheduled vasectomies starting in May 2020. Read Full Article

Is Your Family Complete? His and Her Options…Which is Best?
Robert G. Pugach MD
For many couples, the discussion on which partner will get “fixed” primarily revolves around the woman undergoing a tubal ligation. In the U.S., about 60% of permanent sterilization procedures are done on women. Not much consideration is given to a man undergoing a quick, 15-minute, in office NO Needle – NO Scalpel Vasectomy for permanent birth control. Read Full Article

Robert Pugach, MD, Certified by the Vasectomy Quality Council
Yvette M. Manard, MPH
Dr. Robert Pugach is certified by the Vasectomy Quality Council with a 5 star rating.
“I’m proud to be certified by the VQC. Their mission is to set vasectomy quality care standards and provide patient satisfaction data to men who are considering a vasectomy procedure,” says Dr. Pugach. Read Full Article

What does March Madness have to do vasectomies?
by Robert Pugach
The answer might surprise you! ! According to consumer research, every year during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, not only is there an increase in college applications and purchases of high definition televisions, but more vasectomies are done! Throughout the U.S., urologists are promoting “March Madness Vasectomies.”
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What’s Keeping You From Getting a Vasectomy?
Every year, more than 500,000 men have vasectomies in the U.S. For men, it’s reassuring to know that there is no chance of an unwanted pregnancy. For couples, it’s comforting to realize that a vasectomy is far safer, less painful and less expensive than a tubal ligation. So, why do some men resist getting a vasectomy? Read Full Article

Is Your Family Complete? His and Her Options!
It’s a new year and many couples may be considering their options for a permanent form of birth control. For many, the discussions revolve who will get “fixed.” Read Full Article

2nd Annual World Vasectomy Day Celebrated on November 7th
While many people know of important health awareness months, such as Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer, most have probably never heard of World Vasectomy Day. It is the largest male-focused family planning event in the world. Read Full Article