Advanced Education in Women’s Bladder Control …Demystifying Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Training in Orlando, FL

Training attended by Evans Trans, PA and Aurora Castellon, MA on March 11-12, 2016 on women’s bladder control. 

Understanding that bladder control problems affect 50 million Americans and are one of the most common health problems that women face, it is important that Evans Tran, PA, and Director of the Women’s Bladder Control Center of Excellence and Aurora Castellon, MA, Nursing and Procedure Specialists attended a two day intensive training on bladder control.

EvansAuroraPelvicConfOn March 11 -12, 2016, Evans and Aurora attended an advanced educational training session, “Demystifying Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation” in Orlando, FL. The sessions covered a variety of topics, ranging from anatomy of the pelvic floor,  overview of incontinence,  history, overview and treatment methods of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, pelvic floor stimulation,  urologic pitfalls, effects of drugs in the lower urinary tract and constipation.

Ms. Tran is excited to work with patients of all ages who are suffering with bladder control issues ranging from overactive bladder, stress incontinence (urge incontinence) and mixed urinary incontinence.  She has made bladder control for women her special interest as she understands how many women feel too embarrassed to discuss their bladder control problems with a doctor and seek treatment. She and Dr. Pugach discuss every case together and, together, they will explain diagnostic and treatment options fully with you.  View bladder control educational videos.

About Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center’s Commitment to Continuing Advanced Education

Staff development training sessions and educational conferences are extremely important at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center.  We understand the importance of having a highly trained professional staff so they can provide the most advanced care to our patients.  Education is always center stage for our practice as we maintain a focus on quality and patient-focused urological care for our patients.  Learn move by visiting Dr. Robert Pugach’s and Ms. Tran’s educational videos on a variety of urologic conditions.

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