Written Comments

Written Comments

Dear Dr. Pugach;
Just wanted to express our appreciation for your care and prompt response to our needs. We feel truly blessed that YOU are our doctor (and somehow), find time to “squeeze” us into your demanding schedule. Thank you and warm regards,

Millard and Nancy

Even before my surgery – every office visit I had was very friendly, professional and everyone tried to make each visit as pleasant as possible for me. With this type of office visit/surgery you as a patient are a little nervous and embarrassed and with the pleasant professional environment I was made to feel comfortable and well taken care of! My surgery and my follow up appts were also very professional. I was never in any pain – very surprising to me! I would recommend Dr. Pugach to anyone – male or female! Thank you so very much! 

Jeanette D.

Dr. Pugach is one fine physician and cares deeply for his patients. He spends time with his patients and explains clearly what the alternatives are and how the best way to cure the problem is. The front office team always has a smile and is extremely efficient. In fact, today I was able to see Dr. Pugach even though my appointment was for tomorrow because I had concerns about my bladder and prostate. Earlier this year I was in Europe and contacted a bladder infection and I was able to communicate with Kim Pugach who gave me support and the approach as to how to deal with this problem in a foreign country.  

Steve L.

“I suffered a chronic problem that affected my ability to work out rigorously.  I saw several urologists who minimized it and weren’t interested in seeking a solution.  Dr. Robert Pugach listened to what I had to say and proceeded with diagnostic analysis.  In the end he identified the root problem and corrected it with minor surgery.  He gave me back the ability to keep myself fit and feeling great.  His willingness to listen to his patients sets him apart.” 

Rick H.

I could not be happier with all the Great Service and Medical Knowledge that made me well, Thanks Again.