No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy Testimonials

Vasectomy Testimonials

The procedure was fast and easy. Everyone in the office was nice and informative.

WV ( January 2021) February 8, 2021

No pain!

MV (January 2021) February 8, 2021

Very friendly, funny and professional.”

TS (January 2021) February 8, 2021

The professional nature and the way they put the patient at ease is fantastic.

KL (January 2021) February 8, 2021

Everything was great. I was nervous going in but coming out I realized there was no need to be. Expectations exceeded!

TS (December 2020) February 8, 2021

Clean, friendly and very professional.

AB (December 2020) February 8, 2021

I had a great experience. 5 stars on Yelp.

RR (November 2020) February 8, 2021

Great service, very easy and painless.

AG (November 2020) February 8, 2021

The overall experience was wonderful.

TJ (June 2020) July 9, 2020

Very professional and very thorough.

ANONYMOUS (June 2020) July 9, 2020

I would absolutely recommend. Everything from the virtual consult (which was amazingly convenient) to the skillfulness of Dr. Pugach, exceeded my expectations.

SM (May 2020) July 9, 2020

Quick and easy. Very lowkey surgery. Keep doing what you do. Great service equals happy patient!

AG (May 2020) July 9, 2020

Super easy and no pain!

RV (May 2020) July 9, 2020

Awesome staff...friendly and professional.

RT (May 2020) July 9, 2020

Very easy quick procedure. The entire staff is a pleasure to work with.

MS (April 2020) July 9, 2020

The entire experience was very professional. Painless and would recommend to anyone.

JE (March 2020) July 9, 2020

If you want a vasectomy, then come on down to Dr. Pugach!

AO (February 2020) July 9, 2020

All aspects explained, super great and easy procedure. I was completely relaxed. Great team!

DA (February 2020) July 9, 2020

Extremely easy and fast. Now I won’t worry about any accidents.

MS (February 2020) July 9, 2020

The experience was very pleasant. It was not as bad as I had thought. The doctor made me feel really comfortable.

ANONYMOUS (January 2020) July 9, 2020

Dr. Pugach made it easy to understand and the procedure was straight forwarded and painless.

JJ (January 2020) July 9, 2020

From scheduling to surgery to aftercare instructions, the team stayed professional and informative

R.K. July 22, 2019

Easy process. Painless. Comforting dealing with staff.

M.T. July 22, 2019

Friendly staff and caring. All was excellent.

P.A. July 22, 2019

Great info, quick procedure. Staff is friendly, engaging and they make you feel important.

M.H. July 22, 2019

Doc and staff were excellent.

C.G. July 22, 2019

I thought it was going to be very complicated and painful but after the procedure, I was surprised it was easy and pain free.

D.S. July 22, 2019

Doctor has a great bedside manner and he was quick and efficient.

M.K. July 22, 2019

Everyone was perfect and very professional.

I.A. July 22, 2019

Dr. Pugach was very good at keeping me relaxed and calm.  Super professional.

R.A. July 22, 2019

Very helpful and comforting

R.L. July 22, 2019

Great staff and doc!

M.V. July 22, 2019

It was as pleasant as one could hope for in an outpatient procedure. I thank the team for their skillful work and care.

S.S. July 22, 2019

Great job and patient service.

C.M. July 22, 2019

Doc was kind, walked and talked me through the whole procedure! He helped me to stay calm. 

Z.M. July 22, 2019

Quick, easy, painless procedure that worked well with my schedule.

C.M. July 22, 2019

Great staff and very professional. Highly recommend Dr. Pugach

D.M. July 22, 2019

Not painful like I thought it would be.  Dr. Pugach was awesome and kept me at ease.

S.B. July 22, 2019

Was greatly impressed with services all around.

M.A. July 22, 2019

It went very smoothly. No discomfort of pain.

M.M July 22, 2019

All good if you follow the instructions for post-op recovery.

S.D. July 22, 2019

Quick, easy, friendly staff and doctor. 

January 6, 2019

Already recommended to a friend.

MA January 6, 2019

Not a big deal. Everything was awesome, quick and smooth.

JM January 6, 2019

Very professional and attentive.

AT January 6, 2019

Quick, easy and painless.

RI January 6, 2019

Easy, friendly, informative. Made me very comfortable. I feel that my experience was perfect.

EL January 6, 2019

Simple, easy and convenient.

BY January 6, 2019

Everything was better than expected. I was comfortable during the entire process.

RR January 6, 2019

Everyone was helpful and easy to work with.

RR January 5, 2019

Doctor and staff are amazing! Very informative and procedure was painless.

SS January 5, 2019

Extremely easy and pain free. IW

IW January 5, 2019

Almost pain-free. Office and staff are fantastic.

CB January 5, 2019

Moderately painless and quick. Doctor was very informative.

RP January 5, 2019

Procedure was very fast and almost pain-free. CB

CB January 5, 2019

Very informative. Easy procedure and I felt at ease.

AB January 5, 2019

Very helpful, informative and efficient. Everything went as described.

CO January 5, 2019

The TV on top of the ceiling is a good idea.

RR January 5, 2019

My friends (who referred me) and I have nothing but good things to say.

JM January 5, 2019

Easy procedure. Little to no discomfort.

LL January 5, 2019

Everyone was very professional.

JC January 5, 2019

Procedure was painless and quick.

FQ January 5, 2019

Everything was very easy! My experience was very enjoyable. No improvements needed.

FQ January 5, 2019

Friendly professional and just awesome.

SH January 5, 2019

My experience was very pleasant due to the very professional staff as well as the experienced Dr. Pugach.

MT January 5, 2019

My experience was very pleasant due to the very professional staff as well as the experienced Dr. Pugach.

MT January 4, 2019

It was quick and easy.

A.C. January 4, 2019

Most convenient and friendly staff.

PL January 4, 2019

Easy, no pain. I would recommend to all.

M.T. January 2, 2019

The staff was friendly helpful and made my visits comfortable. 

SH January 2, 2019

Easy and fast procedure.

SB January 2, 2019

Pacific Coast Urology was great and eased my tension and anxiety about my vasectomy. I would highly recommend this office to all my friends and family.

SM January 2, 2019

All Good! Excellent experience.

BF January 2, 2019

It was a pleasurable experience and everyone was comforting and accommodating.  Overall, it was as good of an experience as I believe a vasectomy could be.

PT January 2, 2019

Very easy procedure to deal with. Great patient service.

VA January 2, 2019

Great! A friendly service.

MM January 2, 2019

Doctor was amazing!

DH January 2, 2019

Professional Staff. Friendly and easy to speak with as they explained the procedure and follow up.

DJ January 2, 2019

Overall experience was good. Very little post-op pain or discomfort.

EC January 1, 2019

It wasn’t painful and easy in and out procedure. Doctor was great.

YK January 1, 2019

Everyone took their time in explaining all aspects of the procedure which was very comfortable.

DD January 1, 2019

Easy and painless.

TG January 1, 2019

Overall a great experience. Quick, convenient and simple. A lot easier than I thought.

WB January 1, 2019

Doctor and staff were accommodating and helpful. Dr. Pugach explained each step during the procedure. I had a pleasant experience.

PT January 1, 2019

Fast and affordable.

JA January 1, 2019

This was a close to an enjoyable event as a medical procedure can be.

DF July 30, 2018

Easy, painless and staff that wants to help.

ANONYMOUS July 30, 2018

It was a pain free, good experience and everything was explained. Through and very professional. Would highly recommend.

ANONYMOUS July 30, 2018

You were great. Thumbs up for all your help.

GW July 30, 2018

Easier than expected.

NS July 30, 2018

Everything went smoothly.

RW July 30, 2018

I was very relaxed after doing research and talking to Dr. Pugach during the procedure.

EB July 30, 2018

Very good care

RK July 30, 2018

Very professional. Easy procedure and everything was great.

JO July 30, 2018

Everything was excellent.

BR July 30, 2018

For a scary procedure it ended up being so easy.

DV July 30, 2018

Had virtual consult. Very convenient and easy.

JL July 30, 2018

Easy procedure and great staff.

AC July 30, 2018

Everything was great!

SW July 30, 2018

Friendly, courteous and very professional.

MD July 30, 2018

As comfortable as it could be

RC July 30, 2018

Fast and painless.

ANONYMOUS July 30, 2018


TL July 30, 2018

Experience was outstanding.

BW July 30, 2018

They provide high quality service with compassion and grace.

HJ July 30, 2018

Painless, I was well informed and satisfied.

SW July 30, 2018

Very professional, quick and pain free.

SS July 30, 2018

Everything went smoothly.

AC July 30, 2018

Very easy and fast. All was great.

JC July 30, 2018

Great experience!

DS July 30, 2018

Fast, easy and painless.

J.C. July 30, 2018

Professional, minimal pain, quick and easy.

AP July 30, 2018

Great overall experience and easier than expected.

AN July 30, 2018

Great procedure and great staff.

MF July 30, 2018

Dr. Pugach is one of the best doctors I have seen. I have recommended him to all my co-workers.

RG July 30, 2018

It was a great experience. CA

CA March 26, 2018

Awesome. Very helpful and clear.

DC March 26, 2018

Great very nice people!

SR March 26, 2018

Doctor and staff are very friendly and easy to talk to.

KH March 26, 2018

Easy, Professional and mellow. Doctor Made me feel at ease and all of my concerns were mostly mental.

MA March 26, 2018

It was amazing. Dr. Pugach is incredible!

HE March 26, 2018

Great people. Great doctor.

MR March 26, 2018

Very informative and professional. Everything was great.

March 26, 2018

More than comfortable experience. Virtual consult was very convenient and informative.

DG March 26, 2018

Very profession and comfortable environment.

WS March 26, 2018

Very easy and quick as well as pain free. Unexpected easy procedure.

DS March 26, 2018

Everyone involved made this a pleasant experience.

BE March 26, 2018

It was perfect.

JC March 26, 2018

Everything was great!

KW March 26, 2018

Excellent wait times and very well informed staff.

WP March 26, 2018

Procedure explained throughout. Staff is great.

JA March 26, 2018

No pain and easy procedure.

KB March 26, 2018

Just as I was told, it was painless. One less thing to worry about!

DY August 26, 2017

The process was painless. Staff was helpful and polite. I drove 50 miles for a Saturday appointment. These people are awesome!

PR August 26, 2017

Minimally invasive…No Pain! Quick recovery and TV was genius!

TS August 26, 2017

It was quick and relatively painless. Staff was friendly and helpful.

AG August 26, 2017

It was very easy and fast. Made me feel very comfortable.

MP August 26, 2017

Everything was thoroughly explained. I knew exactly what to expect. Staff is friendly and knowledgable.

AS August 26, 2017

No pain. Staff was helpful and they do a good job.

JS August 26, 2017

It’s fast and easy. Staff and Dr. Pugach are way beyond anything I imagined. Experience was perfect.

JR August 26, 2017

Peace of mind.

LK August 26, 2017

Very efficient, fast and Dr. Pugach was very informative and calmed my nerves. No pain. It was perfect.

BH August 26, 2017

A lot easier than I expected. You guys did a great job. Thank you!

GG August 26, 2017

Easy and convenient. No pain!

DJ August 26, 2017

Easy all the way through.

JZ August 26, 2017

Went as well as it could. Quick, no pain. 

MS August 26, 2017

The process couldn’t have been easier. There’s nothing like light joking with a doctor as he his ending your baby making career.

DG August 26, 2017

Procedure as advertised. Virtual consult at home very convenient.

EH August 25, 2017

Everything was well organized. Thank you.

RB August 25, 2017

Great experience.

PB August 25, 2017

I didn’t feel a ting.

MF August 25, 2017

Helpful and friendly staff. Dr. Pugach is very detailed in explaining his procedure and is very professional.

ER 4.2017 August 25, 2017

I didn’t feel a thing.

MF August 25, 2017

Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Always made sure I was well informed. Everything went well.

DJ August 25, 2017

Great experience and no pain on the procedure. I will recommend. Thanks Dr. Pugach

3.2017 August 25, 2017

Absolute bliss!

CM August 25, 2017

Easy, comforting and non-invasive Staff and doctor made me feel exceptionally comfortable. JM

JM August 25, 2017

Very comfortable and doctor easy to talk to.

MA August 25, 2017

I will recommend to all of my friends who want a vasectomy. It is totally painless. Big worry for nothing.

AM August 25, 2017

Friendly environment. Great staff. Doctor was great and made me feel very comfortable. Everything was great. Fast, efficient. Thank you.

EMD January 19, 2017

Excellent process from beginning to end.

CC January 19, 2017

It was extremely easy and virtually painless and I felt extremely comfortable with everyone in the office. JH 12.2016

JH January 19, 2017

Yes, explained everything. I’m a returning patient from a circumcision. Felt no pain at all.

SS January 19, 2017

So much easier than I thought. The Doctor joked with me during procedure. Explained everything in detail. I didn’t feel a thing. I highly recommend.

ME January 19, 2017

Easy to make appointment. No waiting time. Painless procedure.

12.201 January 19, 2017

Released stress associated with birth control.

CP January 19, 2017

Everyone was great.

CB January 19, 2017

I had a wonderful experience. I will surely recommend this Doctor for others looking to get a vasectomy done.

CG January 19, 2017

I was nervous before coming here but they made me feel so relaxed and comfortable as we went through the procedures. Thanks. Great job.

CF January 19, 2017

A lot easier than I thought. Painless.

DM January 19, 2017

Very easy procedure, no pain, nice staff, very helpful with everything.

KC January 19, 2017

Great service and easy procedure. Makes you feel at home!

MA January 19, 2017

I have wanted this procedure for years and was nervous. This experience makes me wish I did it earlier.

AL January 19, 2017

All logistics were handled by my wife. All I had to do was show up!

JR January 19, 2017

I was planning to do multiple consultations but it was not needed after meeting with the staff of Pacific Coast Urology. They are experts in their field. Friendly and professional. Easy and painless.

M.B. January 19, 2017

My vasectomy experience with Pacific Coast Urology was outstanding. Dr. Pugach and his team were very professional and efficient. I couldn't have asked for more. My particular circumstances had me coming back to Orange County for a few weeks in between overseas work assignments.
At the age of 41, I have decided I don't want to have a teenager under my roof or college bills when I retire and a vasectomy was the obvious answer. I came across Pacific Coast Urology's No Needle No Scalpel procedure and was sold. I contacted Pacific Coast Urology and Kim worked with me and the time difference between the U.S. and Italy to get my insurance benefits confirmed, my paperwork in order, and my virtual consult completed.
All I had to do was show up for my scheduled appointment wearing a scrotal support (jock strap) once I returned back to the U.S. The procedure was amazingly quick for something I thought would be more complex. There was one rubber band snap type of feeling at first and then a little tugging here and there then the procedure was over. During the procedure I was talking with the doctor and his assistant about travel and scuba diving as well as laughing at jokes on Family Guy which I was watching on the TV above me.
Post procedure caring instructions were explained multiple times and were extremely clear. Everything went just like the Pacific Coast Urology staff said it would. I'm very grateful for how smooth this procedure went. I can now enjoy the rest of my life without worrying about unplanned pregnancies.
I would highly recommend Pacific Coast Urology for this simple procedure. It would be even be worth coming from out of town if you live outside the area because they are that awesome. Most importantly, I was not compensated for this review. I am just very happy to give credit where it's due because this was a scary procedure for me going into it even though hindsight shows Pacific Coast Urology over prepared me for everything. Thank you Pacific Coast Urology!!!
RW, Thailand (January 2017)

Read about RW’s Vasectomy Experience…Virtual Consult in Italy! January 11, 2017

TV is great!

Randy November 16, 2016

No pain. Minimal discomfort.

BM November 16, 2016

Great staff, very informative. Felt very little pain.

Paul November 16, 2016

Great staff, very informative. Felt very little pain.

Paul November 16, 2016

Everyone was very professional and friendly.

Gary November 16, 2016

Dr. Pugach was great!

James November 16, 2016

Easy, relatively painless.

Charles November 16, 2016

You have great customer service!

RR November 16, 2016

It’s the least a guy can do for his wife.

Corey November 16, 2016

Both the mechanical aspects of the procedure and personal attention made this easy. Looking forward to the increased peace of mind that comes with a successful vasectomy.

Keith November 16, 2016

Surprisingly easy and comfortable.

Matthew March 22, 2016

Very comfortable and helpful. March Madness Themed Goodies!

PP March 22, 2016

Great staff and Dr. P was excellent. Minimal stress.

CP March 22, 2016

Very easy, quick, painless. The virtual consultation was incredibly convenient. The staff and doctor were very friendly.

AM March 22, 2016

It was a great experience and made me feel comfy.

Glenn March 22, 2016

Fast, easy and funny.

Joel March 22, 2016

The staff was courteous. Evans, the Physician Assistant was informative and sweet. Dr. Pugach you could tell during the initial feel and how quick it was great at his job. This was an awesome experience for what you would think is very scary.

Robert March 22, 2016

The procedure is very thorough as well as thought out. No improvements are needed.

JM March 22, 2016

I have already spoken to multiple men about the doc. Couldn’t be happier!

Eric October 30, 2015

No pain, fast recovery time, friendly staff. I made the right decision by having my vasectomy done by Dr. Pugach. Highly recommend Dr. Pugach to anyone looking to have a vasectomy done.

Victor October 30, 2015

Very easy and up front, made the process very easy and comfortable. Thanks again

Jon October 30, 2015

I have told several friends about Dr. Pugach as they are considering a vasectomy . Great Experience, thank you.

Rob October 30, 2015

If I had to do it again I wouldn’t mind with Dr. Pugach. I thought it would be painful but it only felt like a rubber band snap. Staff was very professional and courteous.

Johnny October 30, 2015

Appreciated the time, speed of procedure and recovery.

Gus October 30, 2015

Everything was simple, fast, and painless. Entire staff is friendly and supportive.

Keoka October 30, 2015

Very quick and relatively painless procedure.

Michael October 30, 2015

Dr. Pugach has been very professional and sensitive to my needs. Especially when attention to details were important in my case. I trust him and his staff with my continued care, and would recommend Dr. Pugach to those I care about.

Lester October 30, 2015

I had the same good experience that my co-workers did who recommended Dr. Pugach . It was refreshing to hear the staff address patients as Mr./Mrs. I have already spoken with multiple men about the doc. Couldn't be happier!

Jonathan October 30, 2015

I was attracted by the idea of low-pain, fast recovery surgery. That turned out to be true. The office staff were great. Very responsive, accurate, and communicative. The modern office equipment also was attractive.

Jonathan October 30, 2015

Painless and quick. Very quick recovery. Dr Pugach was one cool dude. Entire staff was friendly and warm.

Quinn October 30, 2015

Absolutely! I've already referred a couple of my co-workers to Dr. Pugach. The procedure and the recovery process far exceeded my expectation! You made me feel comfortable each step of the way. It was a pleasure and I would do it again without hesitation! Thank you Dr Pugach!

Ronald October 30, 2015

Every visit was conducted in a professional, yet relaxing manner. I never once felt like anything "bad" would happen and was always imbued with a sense of trust and confidence in Dr. Pugach's skills.

David October 30, 2015

Made a scary as heck experience very tolerable and pleasant. Dr Pugach and staff were outstanding.

Eric October 30, 2015

Quick and easy. Every concern, fear and misconception was answered in a professional manner.

Scott October 30, 2015

Friendly care and professional, was no pain and fast recuperation time full all my expectations Thanks.

Julio October 30, 2015

If I had to do it all over again, I would. That's how painless it was. Dr.Pugach and his staff are very professional. They answered all my questions and concerns . I had my vasectomy done on a Friday afternoon and was back to work the following Monday. To all you guys out there, stop thinking about it and go see Dr. Pugach!!!

George October 30, 2015

From the front office staff to the staff that directly assists Dr. Pugach, the care, concern and patient attention could not be better. Everyone seems to take a personal interest and that surely comes from Dr. Pugach, who exemplifies all of those qualities.

Howard G October 30, 2015

Dr. Pugach is a fantastic, understanding doctor. His staff relates to him and they are very efficient and professional, which makes me feel very comfortable. Dr. Pugach operated on my prostate 18 years ago! I would recommend him to anyone.

Stanley Y. October 30, 2015

Dr. Pugach and the folks at Pacific Coast Urology made my No Needle No Scalpel  vasectomy procedure and process very smooth and easy. It was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere complete with the TV on the ceiling to watch my favorite show. I was out of there in no time and on my way to a very quick and painless recovery. If you want to get it done, this is definitely the way to go.

Matt K. October 30, 2015

I am pleasantly surprised with no pain throughout the whole process of the No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy. I just got through the first 24 hours with no pain what so ever! Dr. Pugach was very professional and personable. His staff is top notch and very helpful. I still can’t believe how easy, painless and quick the whole process was. I would highly recommend Dr. Pugach and the No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy to any guy contemplating a Vasectomy.

Stan October 30, 2015

Since I was quite pleased with my vasectomy from Dr. Pugach I've told several friends about the no needle, no scalpel vasectomy he offers when they were researching getting a vasectomy. I'll continue to talk up the vasectomy Dr. Pugach offers because I feel it is the best procedure and recovery on the market.  

Tom H October 30, 2015

Thanks PCUMC. My vasectomy was actually a wonderful experience. It was good and calming talking or chewing the fat with Dr. Pugach during my procedure. I have recommended him to friends. Thanks for making an uncomfortable situation a pleasant experience.

Maurice H October 30, 2015

I just wanted to say what a great experience! I was nervous about getting a vasectomy due to stories from family members who had it done. None of them had the no scalpel no needle. After Dr. Pugach explained to me how it worked, I made my appointment. It has been 4 days since getting the operation and I would recommend it to everyone! I didn't have any pain at all during the procedure. The only discomfort I felt was the following day and I think that was from laying in bed all day!. I also didn't have any of the black and blue bruising I heard about. My wife would agree that it was the best money we have ever spent!

Jeff K. October 30, 2015

As the wife of Dr. Pugach's patient receiving the non-invasive vasectomy (no scalpel, no needle), I would recommend the procedure AND Dr. to everyone. The office staff was wonderful! They helped my husband feel comfortable and confident in our decision about the procedure. Recovery went as described.

Janis October 30, 2015

I had a lot of apprehension to have a vasectomy. After consulting with Dr. Pugach, I felt comfortable due to his experience and knowledge to do the no needle, no scalpel. I was nervous on the day of the procedure, but it turned out to be great experience and I am really glad I did it. I would highly recommend it.

Tom L. October 30, 2015

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Pugach and his staff. I had the no needle/scalpel vasectomy today and everything went perfect. I am now referring a few of my closest friends to Dr. Pugach for the procedure. A+!!!

Scott D. October 30, 2015

Literally just had the no needle/no scalpel vasectomy with Dr. Pugach about 30 mins ago, and I have to say that it was quite the experience! Absolutely no pain at all. The whole staff was wonderful and Dr. Pugach is simply amazing. The entire procedure from the minute you walk in the door to when you leave is streamlined like you wouldn't believe. My first impression on how they treated me was very good; therefore, I felt confident that everything would go well and it did! It is in my opinion that Dr Pugach is THE Urologist to see for your needs, especially, for this scalpel-less/needle less vasectomy.

JR October 30, 2015

I am pleasantly surprised with no pain throughout the whole process of the No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy. I just got through the first 24 hours with no pain what so ever! Dr. Pugach was very professional and personable. His staff is top notch and very helpful. I still can’t believe how easy, painless and quick the whole process was. I would highly recommend Dr. Pugach and the No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy to any guy contemplating a Vasectomy. 

Stan October 30, 2015

WOW! What an awesome procedure. I had my No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy yesterday. The procedure took about 15 minutes and I didn’t feel a thing. There was no pain or discomfort before, during, or after the procedure. They even have a ceiling mounted TV in the room so you can watch TV. Hardest part for me has been being a couch potato post procedure. I haven’t had to take any medication since the procedure and slept great last night. I took a shower this morning and can’t even see where the procedure was done!  I have no pain or discomfort urinating. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pugach.  His office is clean, his staff is very professional, and Dr. Pugach is a friendly doctor with great bedside manners.  

Chris C. October 30, 2015

I had a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy performed by Dr. Pugach. Overall it was an excellent experience and pretty low pain considering the sensitive part of my anatomy he was working on. The procedure was less than half an hour long, probably more like 10 minutes of actual doctor time after waiting a few minutes for the topical anesthetic to take effect. The procedure itself was easy from my perspective. Just a bit of pushing and pulling sensation on some parts that rarely get treated that way. The first two to three days after the procedure I was a bit sore, though I never felt the need to take Tylenol and I was able to drive myself home. Any time lying on my back, all felt fine. Getting up and moving around caused a bit of discomfort. Recovery took about a week and a half to get to the point of feeling totally normal again. The office and medical staff were all quite friendly and helpful. I received good answers to questions and fast replies to phone calls. The office seems to be well managed and organized. All of the equipment in the office is modern and looking good. The location is easy to get to. The price is reasonable. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Jon October 30, 2015