Marc W.

Marc W.

Dear Dr. Pugach,

I would like to share what a difference your “Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation” has made for me. As you know, I underwent a Radical Proctectomy 5 years ago. Following the procedure, I never fully recovered with the irritating incontinent side effects. I was then diagnosed three years following with a recurrence of Prostate Cancer, only to have to undergo Radiation Therapy and ADT. All of this was performed by other doctors and facilities. All of which increased my struggle with incontinence.

What brought me to Pacific Coast Urology was a bladder issue which you took care of. What I didn’t know was that you would prescribe a procedure that would stop my incontinence and give me some self- esteem back while letting me feel like a man again. At this point, I trusted you and I was willing to try anything! When you offered to have me undergo a non-surgical, non-medication based Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, I thought “Good Luck”, but boy was I wrong!

Your team made me feel comfortable, answered all of my questions, dealt with my concerns and motivated me to really give the rehab a try. Within the first week, of just a one-hour appointment, I was able to reduce my pad use from 2 a day to 1 a day. By the second week of PFR, I was able to notice a reduction in the need for even 1 pad a day. By the third week of PFR, I was no longer in need of a pad at all. When I reached my 4th week of PFR, I realized that I could cough, laugh, sit/stand and move freely without any more concern of incontinence!

Thank you Dr. Pugach and your amazing team who helped give me back my freedom and dignity. I don’t know if you ever get to hear about the after effects of your PFR, so I felt I should let you know what it’s meant for me. Everyone should use Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation as their first treatment for the control and reversal of incontinence and get their lives back.

Sincerely yours,

Marc W. April 21, 2021

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