I had been suffering with fecal incontinence for about 3 months. It made me feel like I didn’t want to go out or even eat. My GI doctor first tested me to see if I was acandidate for an Interstim (implant). He said I was, so he sent me to Dr. Pugach for surgery.
My surgery was a week ago. It was an outpatient procedure and I went home right afterwards, no hospital stay. I had a little bit of pain the first day and then I was fine. Two days later I started resuming my normal activities, cleaning the house, eating, cooking. I didn’t have to stop in between to use the bathroom. That was a great feeling!
I’ve just had my 1-week post op appointment and I’m happy to say I’m feeling good and back to normal. What a relief! My whole family is happy for me! I do recommend this procedure for anyone suffering from fecal incontinence.



July 9, 2020

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