Surgical Options


While most treatments for Low T focus on the different medications available, there is one condition that should not be overlooked. It is called a varicocele.

A varicocele is analogous to varicose veins in your legs. Dilated veins can also occur in the scrotum and can cause low testosterone levels. The function of a man’s scrotum is to place the testicles in an area that is cooler than the rest of his body. Testicles in the abdominal cavity do not function well. The scrotum allows testicular temperature to be approximately 1.5⁰ Centigrade cooler than normal body temperature. Muscle fibers that surround the testicles create an automatic temperature regulation system. On warm days, testicles hang lower and stay cooler. On cold days, the muscles contract to keep the testicles a bit warmer.

The end result is a cooler temperature that enhances testicular function. Dilated veins (the varicocele) can warm the testicle so that function is reduced and testosterone production declines.

Surgically correcting the varicocele can result in improved testosterone production without the need for a lifetime of medication. It is an outpatient surgical procedure that is effective for most young men. (See Male Infertility, varicocele for more information)

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