Kidney Stones Testimonials

Kidney Stones Testimonials

Simply outstanding service from the whole staff. I was referred by my internal medicine doctor to see Dr. Pugach and could not be more happy about the referral. Dr. Pugach and Evans, his PA went over and beyond the last couple of months to help me with a very stubborn kidney stone. Fast forward a couple of surgeries later, I feel like a new man and have not felt this good since the beginning of the year. The entire staff is very outstanding and willing to help explain everything to make you feel comfortable. Highly recommend Dr. Pugach and his entire staff.

TT August 15, 2017

When I experienced my first bout with kidney stones. I had no idea what was wrong, the pain was overwhelming and I kept passing out and waking up on the floor. I finally ended up in the ER, who referred me back to my family doctor. However, I did not have a great experience with the first urologist I was referred to, which was very unfortunate. This doctor could not see on my test results that I had a huge stone that was descending, so he gave me samples of Flomax for my symptoms, scheduled me for a regular follow up in two weeks and sent me home.
That weekend, I had two separate attacks of excruciating pain each sending me to the ER. This time, a different ER physician suggested I follow up with Dr. Pugach.  When I mentioned that I already had a urologist I was seeing, the ER doctor leaned over and said, “I heard you, but you really need to see Dr. Pugach - he's the best." And, after making an appointment to see Dr. Pugach, I learned why.
Dr. Pugach's staff worked me into his schedule immediately, where he quickly assessed my situation and I was scheduled for a procedure soon thereafter to get rid of my existing and very painful stones. Also, I have a very sensitive system with little tolerance for prescription pain medication, so he really got me back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.
Like most people, I have experienced high pain levels from injuries over the years, but I had never experienced the intense level of pain created by kidney stones. I was beside myself and quite fearful of the situation repeating over and over. But, Dr. Pugach had a better idea - to go forward thinking positively and make some changes for a better outcome.
He also introduced me to a terrific nutritionist who visited me at my home to assess my situation and made wonderful recommendations on how to adjust my food intake and also started me on more meaningful vitamins and supplements. I could feel the different almost immediately, because with the changes I became more energized and balanced. I have become a "water baby" and view my new appreciation of water and proper nutrients as part of my personal arsenal to avoid developing new stones.
As a patient predisposed to generating stones. I am still seeing Dr. Pugach regularly. I have learned to love water and a healthier lifestyle. My test results continue to come back as excellent, and if I ever need help with stones in the future, I know that Dr. Pugach and his staff will be there to help me. Kidney stones are far from fun, but the fear and anxiety of having them come back (if they do) is lessened from knowing that I have the best of the best to help me with Dr. Pugach and his staff.

Catherine October 30, 2015

Thank you Dr. Pugach for all your help with my kidney stones and following me through my pregnancy to ensure a healthy and safe one. So far so good after the lithotripsy and your staff has always been so kind and helpful. You are amazing!!!

Jennifer October 30, 2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Pugach for several years. I initially saw him concerning prostate issues as my current urologist was not working out for me. In viewing some film he noticed I had a kidney stone that went undetected. He took care of that and he's treated me for my prostate as well as kidney stones that I pass with regularity. The staff is professional and they go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and comfortable while you are being treated. These first impressions go a long way in making your visit as pleasant as possible.
Today was unusually busy and as I waited in the examination room I could hear Dr. Pugach greeting each patient in an upbeat manner as he walked them through their appointment. I can't tell you how many times I have seen doctors who make minimal effort to connect with or educate their patients as Dr. Pugach does. Finally, I suffer with severe anxiety and many doctor's appointments are a struggle for me. Maybe you're one of those people? Don't be afraid to let the staff or Dr. Pugach know if you are anxious. They will do their best to meet you where you're at. So go ahead and make your appointment. You'll be glad you did.

Allen October 30, 2015