Evans Tran, PA Participates in her 4rd Annual Medical Mission January 21-25, 2019 in Boyambong, Philippines

Evans Tran, Physician Assistant at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, is excited to be participating in her 4th annual medical mission to Boyambong in the Philippines.  Sponsored by the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California missionary group, Evans will assist a diverse group of medical volunteers.  Evans will provide much needed primary medical care and surgical services to residents of Boyambong.  The medical mission will take place from January 21 to 25, 2019.

The volunteer medical professionals work side-by-side with volunteer doctors from Northern California and local doctors from Manila. They provide a wide range of basic medical and surgical services to needy patients.  Last year, Evans worked with 175 medical and support volunteers to provide more than 5,095 residents of Ililo direct medical care. Additionally, hundreds of surgeries were performed and continuing medical education was provided to local physicians.

Evans Tran, PA Surgery

“I am excited to, once again, work closely with healthcare professionals in different departments, including outpatient care, public health projects, surgery, women’s health and more to help the residents of Boyambong,” says Evans.  “Words can’t express how truly rewarding this medical mission is and I can’t thank Dr. Pugach enough for his ongoing sponsorship of my medical mission trip each year.”

“I’m so proud of Evans’ remarkable commitment and effort that she puts forth every year for this wonderful project. She brings her enthusiasm to care for people as she uses her many professional skills to improve healthcare for so many in the Philippines,” says Dr. Pugach.

About the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California

The Philippine Medical Society of Northern California assists the indigent communities who have little or no access to medical care. They have been conducting community outreach programs and medical missions to selected rural areas in the Philippines since 1986. This amazing organization relies mostly on volunteer hours and donations from private individuals, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.


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